About us

Peter Humphris. Brief work history.

In 1979 after completing HSC at Wodonga High school I moved to Melbourne to take up an apprenticeship in fitting and machining at Patons Brake Replacements in East Bentleigh PBR  was a division of Repco.

I attended the Repco apprentice training centre in Carlton for the first 12 months where I won apprentice of the year. The second third and fourth years were at the east Bentleigh plant and I spent most of my time in the tool room in their research and development department. I won apprentice of the year for each of these as well . So apprentice of the year 4 years in a row in Repco Australia.

During this time I attended RMIT both in the day and at night school where I became a qualified toolmaker and various design qualifications. I also worked after hours and on weekends at Dynomotive in Bayswater ( A dyno tuning business) . I developed the first inboard boat dynamometer in the world.

On completion of my fourth year as apprentice I moved full time to Dynomotive and developed several other innovative products. When the business was sold the proprietor ‘Chris Hodges” and myself created a new business called Dyno Dynamics. We used the boat dyno we developed and began tuning and servicing inboard ski and race boats. This business also developed a chassis dyno for tuning vehicles. This dynamometer was so successful we soon had orders coming in the door and this took priority over and superseded the boat business. Dyno Dynamics moved from Wandin to Lilydale where we developed regular and special dynamometers for customers such as Materials Research Laboratories, Department of Defence Army and Air force. As we progressed we developed and produced the first computerised dynamometers in the world and infact I designed the first 4wd chassis dyno in the world. Subsequently we designed and built and delivered approx 3500 dynamometers including many special units for tuning, go-carts, lawnmowers, truck engines, aeroplane engines and even Leopard tank engines.

My role was always in the mechanical design and development of all these products where as Chris Hodges was more in control of the “Business Side” and the electronics and software development. When the company was sold in 2010 to a public company I personally started 600 Engineering and with some of the original Dyno Dynamics staff including my brother Michael “ Fitter and turner extraordinaire”, we began general Engineering to service many now valued customers in the Yarra valley and surrounding suburbs. I continued my passion for design and my team now specialise in many facets of machine design and improvements. I developed an automatic farm gate system called “ Fastgate” I have just completed development , testing and obtaining Australian compliance for the “ Intelligent Tow ball’ which we are launching in February at the Melbourne Caravan and camping show. 600 Engineering has just one a contract with Driveline Systems International to design, project manage, build and commission a multi million dollar research and development facility in Scoresby. This is for design development and testing of Automatic transmissions for petrol, diesel hybrid and electric cars of the future. This project begins March 2019 and is expected to be completed in 11 months. There are several other innovative products under development which we hope to have completed by early 2020.