New Product Release -INTELLIGENT TOW BALL-

Gone are the days of guesswork or fiddling around with flimsy hard to read tow ball weight scales. The Intelligent Tow Ball (i-Tow) gives instantaneous readout of the down force on the tow ball of anything you hook up.

Simply remove your old tow ball and replace it with an i-Tow from Intelligent Towing Systems.

Safety when towing is paramount and many unfortunate situations or accidents and fatalities have been directly caused by incorrect weight on your tow ball.

Too much weight can cause damage to your tow vehicles suspension, chassis and or tow bar, poor and dangerous steering and inferior braking performance.

Not to mention insurance claims will be refused if this situation is proved when making a claim.

Too little weight can cause annoying tow ball rattle and increased likelihood of the trailer lifting off the ball in transit. But the major side effect of too little tow ball weight is the extremely dangerous “trailer sway” condition. Most accidents and fatalities with trailers and caravans are due to this scary and dangerous situation occurring.

To a large extent this condition will not occur if the trailer or caravan is set up with the correct weight on the tow ball. 10 percent of the total weight of the loaded trailer or caravan should be resting on the tow ball.

So in simple terms if it weighs 2500 kg then there should be approximately 250 Kg weight on the tow ball.

As you can imagine this ball weight can change if you load your caravan differently when packing up for a trip or whether you have full or empty water and sullage tanks or gas bottles. Also if you are loading a car or machinery on a tandem trailer the ultimate positioning will change the weight on the tow ball.

So with i-Tow simply move some of your gear in the caravan or move your load on the trailer back or forward to achieve the correct reading.

i-Tow has been tested and certified to meet Australian Standard 4177 and has undergone rigorous on and off road in-service testing before its release.

Each individual unit has its own serial number and has been factory calibrated for correct reading.

i-Tow is available as a 3500 Kg rated 50mm tow ball.

Actual towing weight may be limited by your tow vehicles towing specifications.

With an i-Tow the maximum weight of the trailer or caravan must not exceed 3500 Kg.

The maximum down force on the ball should not exceed 350 Kg or your tow vehicle or tow bars maximum rating whichever is the lesser.

We offer 2 models in the I-Tow Range:

  • i-Tow RG: 50mm ball with a fixed 600mm long hydraulic line to a liquid filled gauge with a remote mounting bracket
  • i-Tow EA: 50mm ball with an electronic Bluetooth sensor and robust sensor remote mount. This unit is supplied with a smart phone application so that the down force on the ball can be directly read on your smart phone if is within Bluetooth range.